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Thread: fortress linux

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    fortress linux

    has anyone tried fortress linux? i think i saw a post on here before saying how barebones their website is. i agree with that. i was disappointed to see they have three versions, now i don't know which one i would use....i was really interested in their "letter of intent"....reminds me of backtrack. anyway wanted to know is it secure as a fort? is it largely compatbile yet?

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    Hi. I didn't ever try this distro. What do you mean by "secure as a fort" ? What kind of safety are you waiting for ? And what are your compatible concern about ?

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    disappointed to see they have three versions, now i don't know which one i would use.
    Not sure what you mean by that statement. Looks like they have all bases covered.

    Fortress Linux is designed for 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) computers. Its kernel and the included software are fully customizable to your needs and can be automatically adjusted to your computer hardware during installation what results into a high performing, stable, compact and energy-efficient operating system.
    As far as security goes. That is determined by the fool behind the keyboard. I can break my linux install and unsecure it pretty easy.
    Heck. I even run versions of Puppy Linux, (which run as root user). If I get compromised. Delete personal save file. Install back up save file. Off to the races again for me.

    * The Fortress Linux operating system | Protect your data, privacy and freedom

    File and harddisk encryption
    Default encryption software and methods exceed most 'Military grade encryption' and can be combined for extreme encryption levels.
    Default encryption ciphers: AES (Rijndael), Serpert and Truecrypt
    Pre-boot, single and multi-factor authorization
    Deniable encryption, hidden containers and key strengthening
    Watermarking, side-channel, brute force and dictionary cracking protection
    Additional file and disk encryption features are included the Fortress Key
    Wowweeee. I can encrypt any partition I wish on my installs. Their page though sounds like the bees knees to me (military grade zooowy)

    * The Fortress Key | Protect your data, privacy and freedom.

    Give it a spin and tell us all about it. Like

    Booting Fortress SBE (Page 1) / Fortress Linux SBE / Fortress Linux Support Forum

    or maybe not So secure you cannot even download it.

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