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    Solved default kernel config in yoper

    Where can I find the base configuration file for the default Yoper kernel?

    I have just installed Yoper, and find my parallell printer (Lexmark 4039) is not detected. I struck this in Gentoo and it was due to parport support not being built into the kernel.

    I suspect my present fun with Yoper is due to the same cause, but could not find the ./config file in the usual place. Compiling another kernel to include parport support is starightforward enough, but is easier if one has a base config file to start with.

    BTW, I will post a simple "How I did it" which may make things easier for all those folks having trouble with LILO, GRUB and MBR'S shortly. I had to install and reinstall Yoper several times before it would boot, and, as usual, the solution when found, was simple.

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    yoper doesn't have the kernel sources installed by default. you'll hafta either fetch one from or get one with apt

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    I realise that, but it would be handy to know what the existing ./config file contained, as this would save considerable time. If it does not include parport support it is then a simple matter of changing that, rather than having to go through every option in menuconfig.

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    problem solved re parallel printing

    I found the answer here:

    at the yoper forums.

    Couldn't work out why my old reliable 4039 wouldn't work in yoper, but this seems like the answer

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