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    Packet loss and issues after accessing on #! Linux

    I recently loaded Crunchbang Linux on my Acer Aspire One netbook. It is working perfectly and all hardware was detected out of the box. I am noticing one extremely annoying issue. My wireless is working great and I can access websites through Chrome or IceWeasel until I try to visit When I try to load the search page, I get a message saying that the page does not exist. I will actually lose connectivity to Google for minutes afterward as evidenced by pings to Google. After attempting to access, I go from 0% packet loss to 20%. Eventually, I will be able to access the site again and perform searches. This happens randomly, but regularly.

    My DNS configuration is managed by DHCP from my DD-WRT router. I am currently using Google's DNS servers. I have tried hard-coding the DNS and had the same result. I appreciate any help I can get. This is rather irritating.

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    hello and welcome, pvols!

    i don't have a solution, but i'm curious: you say you've hard-coded the DNS servers with no different results. but have you tried hard-coding different DNS servers, not google's? Like maybe the ones provided by your ISP, etc., or other free ones?

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    Great question. I have tried ISP, Google, and OpenDNS hard coded and through my router DHCP. All other wireless and wired clients work fine.

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    does it happen on your Acer only on wireless, or on wired, too?

    how about other Linux boxes (or Windows) using that same LAN/ISP? Can you boot the Acer with a Live Linux CD from some other distro, just to see if there are suble kernel/firmware differences? The fact that just googlel does this is bizarre.

    how about secure google ( - does that do it, too?

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