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    Question Convert Dynamin IP to Static IP in OEL 6.4

    I am using one machine, which has OEL 6.4 installed on it.
    My internet connection has dynamic IP address, so i am not able to access this machin from other location using that IP.

    Is there any way to convert this dynamic IP to static IP, so that i can access this machin over internet?

    I do not want to get the static IP from the ISP, because it will involve some money.

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    Hi and welcome

    No, if you would set your currrent IP as a static IP, then this will lead to problems with the dynamic IP allocation
    and in extension to an argument with your provider.

    However, there are multiple services for dynamic DNS.
    Essentially you sign up with one of them -some cost money- and define your hosts under one of their domains.
    Then there is a small daemon on your machine, that will update the ddns every time your IP changes.

    So, while the IP changes, the fqdn will not, hence you can access your machine.

    A static IP from your provider is easier and more reliable, though.
    So it is up to you to decide based on requirements and costs.
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    Thank you for the reply.

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    How often does your dynamic IP change? My cable internet service is dynamic IP, but it very rarely changes. As such, I use a free service at; my site If my IP address changes, I go to and manually update it.

    Be aware that your internet service provider may block standard ports, so you'll need to connect up between your machines with custom ports. So, for example, I use port 8880 for my web server, making my site address
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    You need to contact your ISP to assign you a static IP address which you will set in your router and/or modem. Then you can connect to your server via the internet. If you only want to access the server from LAN-based systems, then you can simple assign a static IP address to your server that is only visible on your LAN, and not on the Internet.
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