Hey all,

I've recently started hosting a minecraft server for my sons and their cousins and have decided that I want to move from a standard server to MineOS+. (The current server lags a lot). It's my understanding that the MineOS+ software is built off of Tiny Core Linux. I've posted on their forums for help but thought I might get better results here.

I have limited experience with Linux and VMware and thought that on the plus side running this server would give me some needed experience with them. (I work in IT but I'm mostly a Windows guy).

What I'm getting stuck on is the message: Which device would you like to use for storage?

I'm running a ESXi 5.1.0 VMServer. It's got 4 3.10 Ghz cpu's, 8 GB of Ram and a Fiber connection to the internet. The drive I'm trying to install MineOS+ to is a Local ATA.

When I startup the MineOS+ install (using the sudo ./10_setup_sudo.sh command)

It tells me that the following block devices exist: hdc
Then asks Which device would I like to use for storage?

I enter hdc because that's the only thing I see, I also tell it hdc for optical since that is the only thing I see. But afterwards I get a Fatal Error, saying it cannot open disk drive.

I'm assuming this is happening because hdc is my cd-rom and the program isn't seeing my actual VM hard drive space (I've allocated 200 GB to the virtual machine). I've tried looking online for a solution but nothing seems to work. I've tried several other options like sda, sdc, etc. But I think I'm missing something.

Anyone have an idea of what I'm doing wrong?