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    Wink ZevenOS Neptune 3.2 Anyone?

    I just found this Distro the other day and decided to give it a shot. I find the system packed with all the bells and whistles that you would ever need in an OS. I'm just wondering why this OS is not very popular? Since it's based on Debian and KDE4 I thought it looks absolutely amazing compared to their standard version. It was reviewed by a youtuber Linux4unme. I really think it gives me everything I need, it's easy to theme the hell out of it, and if you don't like the themes they installed as default, then just click "Get new themes" and away you go. Also if you like desktop effects, then they have loads of them, such things as Wobbly windows, magic wavy lamp, and so forth.

    Everything that I used so far in the system is stable. Nothing crashed at all on me. I tried to break it but couldn't. I'm a recent Linux Mint user and after dealing with the ALSA sound issue crashing all the time in Linux MInt 15 I thought there has to be a better system, I migrated fto Linux Mint from Ubuntu, which is also BUGGY as hell, it has good ideas but too bad only half of them work. I've dabbled in Opensuse and Debian 7. But this O/S is very apealing to the eye and gets the job done. I don't get why it's not well known. Why is BUGGY BUGGY BUGGY Ubuntu so popular and an O/S that is ROCK SOLID STABLE doesn't get to see the light of day.

    Can somebody out there answer this question for me please? Or even recommend another stable O/S I love trying new ones all the time. (Usually in Virtualbox though).
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    Linux distributions are like standards - the nice thing about them are that there are so many! Find one you like, use it, support it, and show it off to your friends! And enjoy!
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    I've tried Zeven before and liked it, I just liked some others better. It is a great OS, and if it is what you like, use it.
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