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    Trying to install Ubuntu fail need help to fix

    I recieved my computer from a friend who had Knoppix installed on the hard drive. I used this for a little while but decided install ubuntu because it has more support. First i tried making a live usb but my computer won't boot from it. So i went back into Knoppix and searched for a tutorial on how to install Ubuntu without using a cd or usb , the website i found suggested i use Unetbootin. When i installed it i followed the tutorials
    instructions but hadn't realized that it was meant for a non-linnux based OS . While it was installing it asked me if i wanted to override files and i clicked yes. Then i rebooted and now neither Knoppix or Ubuntu will boot.Right now i am using damn small linux on a live cd i made and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to install ubuntu correctly without a usb or cd .i read something about Lubi? Can i use this to install Ubuntu without a cd or usb? Also how can i get rid of or fix the Knoppix and Ubuntu files that don't work

    -Thanks to anyone that can help

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    I expect you had a flaw in the first Ubuntu install. Did you check the MD5 Sum on the data? Or is it that your computer won't boot from a USB drive? So right now Knopix is defunct. I believe Ubuntu can be installed from a DVD. If you've got the ability to burn and read from a DVD player, that would be the way to go. D/L the .iso file verify the MD5sum and burn a disc. Then reboot and install. If you can't access a burner on the Damn Small Linux Live disc, then install that first and update. Add the burner and you should be off to the races.
    OK, Maybe there's a reason you haven't already done this, and I don't know enough about your equipment, but if you can tell us why then we'll know better how to help. How much H/D space and memory is there on this computer?

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    i have no access to a dvd burner and my computer won't boot from a live usb with ubuntu on it that i made. I have tested the live usb on another computer and it worked fine. My BIOS gives and option to boot from a usb i enabled it and set the usb to the top of the boot priority. When i restarted my computer it told me to insert a bootable device. There is 1gb of RAM and 40 gb on the H/D. Right now im going to try and use Plop boot manager on a floppy and see if i can get the live usb to work

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