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    Question from win 7 to zorin


    i just got fed up with windows

    xp years no updats very littl protection never hit
    now 7 3 times with firefox full of protection and all kinds of windows protection

    and on top i was behind on backing up to my terrabyte drive

    ok sorry to the point

    i kept hearing and seing ubuntu on web pages and forums

    i didnt like the look and it was a choir to work

    i found zorin built on ubunto you all would know those details better

    very nice easy transition i dont get mistaken i know im far from understanding or knowing linux

    its a nice system on the slow side on my pc

    haveing trouble with music players they wont close and this stupid high rated clemintin wont stop or put out sound it plays but cant hear it

    then the cd burner programs take getting used to and the right ones

    allot of programs the plain generic look but they do the job

    if i could get burners and music players working right hey im converted

    i am learning whine for the 3 windows only programs

    anyone know how to make whine programs as default

    like i use older firefox 19 looks better and runs mor add ons

    any way to make that default or is that allot of command prompt stuff i already crashed zorin once putting in lines for another thing i was trying

    like i said i know i dont know linux and dont like to use programming prompt i dont know system or what it going to do or damage

    thanks for your time sorry for how i post

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    clemintin wont stop or put out sound it plays but cant hear it
    You should have a speaker icon in the panel at the bottom or top of the Desktop. Verify that it is not muted and the volume is turned up.
    If you are having problems with CD burning software, it would be a good idea to indicate which you are using as there are a number of them used in Linux.

    anyone know how to make whine programs as default
    Not sure what you want here? You boot Zorin and if you want to run a windows program, you access it through wine. Wine is just software installed in Linux and designed to run windows programs. Some programs work well, others work and some don't work at all. Which programs are you running?

    When you post, it is helpful to indicate what you have tried and the results of your efforts. I would expect that you have checked the mute and turned the volume up but you don't mention anything?

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    ok it was volume omg duh

    i dropped that program i like banshee allot more really nice and everything im looking for

    sorry for that dumb?

    i also learned this linux puts the player in the volum symble(click volume and it has original player and banshee)

    and there still playing strang but can get used to it

    ok the cd burning is im looking for closer to nero and nti type of interface look and options

    most i have found so far to generic some cant even find cd rom others see it i just want nice featuer more than just basic burner

    options burn iso burn music but with the built in mp3 tags(my car reads and says the song name) i wont die without it

    then just is there any good way to do like windows/ you click on my competer properties all that and it shows all the drivers/ sound processor video/ i would like to be able to se a way like that to know if any need attention!

    so far its amazeing windows cant find drivers/ linux all my drivers are here the screen dim(i have a hp all in one with those fancy screens that has to dim or get damaged)

    thats about it just tips and hints here and there and lots of looking reading playing and learning im adjusting and happy i just wish i wouldnt have been so scared and tried it long ago

    thanks so much for your time and trouble
    have a good one
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    For playing media whether it is movies, streaming video or music, you can use VLC. I've always used k3b as CD/DVD burning software. If you click on the menu button (the big blue Z) and go up to Software Center and click it, you can find vlc and k3b under Sound and Video and install both. I think k3b is probably the oldest burning software for Linux and is very versatile. Banshee should work although I'm not really familiar with it having always used k3b.

    For configuring things, go to the Z menu and up to System Tools then System Settings. Might be useful to just explore the Z menu options to find out where things are.

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    thanks so much i will give those a try and keep exploring the new system and apps


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    Zorin is a good stepping stone linux, great for windows 7 users.
    Just take your time learning your new OS and realise its just different.
    In the future you may want to try Ubuntu (or some other distro) again once you get the hang of linux and how it functions.

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    i have always heard ubuntu from forums everywhere

    then i found this one i hated ubuntu i grew with widows i like organized clean not icons every where or bars on side etc

    i have always said i know this is just a cover and will have to learn whats under it but if you look at my firefox post

    i wonder if its to late to learn linux

    i have severe learning disabilitys like my posts and other but hands on im so smart

    i grew from the first what was it 8086 on up dad always brought them home from work

    i learned dos batch sys all that never tried back the linux

    i tought myself and ran a pc business (sad most my good repair disks were built on linux)

    i learned cars everything household and recently 10min or less on youtube and i then fixed our washer

    so just being learning disabled dont mean crap BUT it does make for one !@#$ of a time with complex stuff that takes lots of reading

    my pc was pc books with a pc by me mostly hands on i learned that way

    to much info summed i just dont know i know fire fox post is tired of me not getting a hold of fast what you all find so simple but your simple is like learning a forghn language with no attention span and other fun stuff

    but hey my main use and destop is zorin i quit windows i have dual boot just for the wife

    and graphical like wine i have almost mastered i have windows winrar opening every compressed file it seems im more gui than program line o well i will never give up another good one i have very stubborn

    thanks sorry for ranting have a good one and thanks for all i have already learned from you all

    thanks so much

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