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    Dual Boot Win 7 and Zorin

    im starting to get the hang of all this

    and really loveing linux well the os part have to learn program end

    i Partition the drive into two sides same size

    installed win 7 then zorin

    was amazed zorin went to secound partition with no problems or asking me

    runs nice can use win or linux i prefer linux but have a few win only programs

    trying to learn whine and other win emulators or what you call them

    but i have a problem that im thinking i will have to wipe and reload

    the problem win 7 got a package bomb (no i dont porn or other bad sites just known and always used)

    but someone slipped a bomb in a download

    i got it all fixed windows looks ok runs ok

    But if i hit restart from win 7 it now locks up

    black screen no bios info no zorin menue

    but reboot from zorin is fine linux side has no problems

    thats why i went to linux win7 sucks i never got hit so many times on xp

    but sorry to ramble this is nice and surpriseing used to have to shut win 7 off in bios to boot cds but zorin bypased that

    i have downloaded linux bible linux for dummies and otheres and reading this and other forums

    all the above makes it easy to use thanks

    and my qustion was the damaged win 7 restart

    can it be fixed or need to do all over again thanks

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    But if i hit restart from win 7 it now locks up
    Using the restart button windows causes the problem, freezing? Do you mean it will not reboot and you just get a black screen? I'm surprised you would not see at least a BIOS screen regardless of the problem as that has nothing to do with windows or Zorin OS.

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    sorry not always the best at being very clear

    it boggles me to about the problem thats why the post

    ok win 7 hit the shutdown choose restart it goes through everything

    But it flashes and wont restart win 7 has restarted but no bios just a quick flash of tiny light whatever you want to call or say to show it tried its hard for me to put into words

    you know the flash when reset just before bios readout thats were it stops after the flash

    and wont respond until shut off even unplugged

    but yet linux zorin you can restart shutdown all day

    once out of win 7 enviroment (full install on partition) it has bios it has zorin boot everything is normal

    and strange enough after allot of cleaning and repairs win 7 runs fine till reset

    its out of my leauge i have never seen or had this in the years i worked with older win xp

    when i worked on pcs if it froze like that os was trashed and wouldnt boot or hardware wouldnt allow boot andymore if it was bad pc parts when it got that bad it was dead

    so im confused and thinking after wife does taxes on win 7 just wipe it and start over

    sorry to ramble but never till 7 came out have i had so many win issues man im linux permanenet with a win partition for what wont run in linux even if just me or what im doing i hate windows

    my habbits havent changed since i was useing pent 3 and 4 win xp nothing new and 7 just gets trashed every turn

    sorry to drug out i hope thats more clear


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    Win8 but probably shouldn't be too different.

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    not sure

    i never liked the look or wanted to try it!

    i went fighting to win7, I have a nice old hp pavilion laptop ol single core pent 4 (one of thos 5 pounds i call a laptop has cd drive all thats missing from this new crap)

    when i can afford to im upgradeing mem and hard drive and then it runs as fast as i like! then dual boot xp and linux!

    im hooked and wish i would have done linux sooner! i was never willing to study, yet now i have evry ebook and forums studying so i know more than just the os whats uderneath

    im happy learning wine and getting it real fast so it does all i need i try to stay out of windows since i found this forum and zorin but turbo tax and a few others are not in or for linux

    the wife does turbo tax im disabled no tax to do so its mainly her stuff i have 2 or 3 win only

    i cant thank you all enough for time and patience with me and my posts thanks so very much

    and i already know after her taxes its going to be a whipe to fix it i tried re something grub i think thats linux mbr

    o well i have been smart ans slow reloading my backups in case of this type of problem i have a terrabyte backup that was a couple weeks behind when i lost the very first win

    but it has most all of my stuff

    thanks so much everyone

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    If you have to run Windows then you can always run Classic Shell with Win 8.1 and make it look like Win 7. Personally I'd rather have all my teeth pulled out without anesthetic then run Windows but to each his own. Of course you're Zorin install is running like a champ so maybe you'll come on over to Linux full time after you get more use to it and see that you can do anything with Linux that you can do with Windows only better.

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    o believe me im already full Linux

    i love it and gets better the more i learn ask and read i wish i had done it long ago

    win7 is just turbo tax my police scanner program and one or two others

    i stay off that partition as much as possible

    Linux has most all win programs on the program list i find more Linux programs daily that beat windows are fun and yet most are all simple and to the point unlike complicated win programs

    like i found a Linux boot repair disk from one of the free Linux software sites it has mbr and grub and other options

    when i was pc repair tec most of my best repair boot cds with all the repair tools were Linux based i should have seen back then and tried

    i would be on a good knowledge level by now if i would have tried back then i just listened to the biased win rumors of Linux being hard lack of drivers all the lies they told

    thanks for the help and your time

    i think this tool will fix the problem and i can keep reloading everything on Linux, and im learning whine so i can bring the few win programs i like over

    just last night i got winrar to run and associated with all compression

    its really easy and fun but this is just a face and i know it so im studying the heart the command lines etc so i can truly say i know Linux

    because you dont truly know Linux till somewhat of understanding of the commands like i learned the command line to wipe the whine programs and residual crap

    so thanks so much

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    ok anyone wants or has any boot problems

    i found a great linux boot cd called

    it was a bad mbr on win 7 i fixed that

    that made win 7 master no zorin menu then just ran reinstall grub on same cd

    this is allot easier to learn and figure out than i thought

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    Congratulations! Ain't linux wonderful? You were able to fix your problem without buying third party software or spending hours on a windows help line.
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