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    Latest Sparkylinux

    I have looked at this distro many times over the last few years as it has a lot of what I'm looking for. There have always been irritating issues which cut this testing short in the past but the latest release appears to be something to look hard at.

    I installed it on a spare hard drive and so far everything appears very solid. All hardware works and there are no "permissions" errors that usually happened in previous versions. Way to much software is installed by default so it took a lot of time to uninstall it but the process went smoothly. The system includes a customized version of remastersys and I was able to make a bootable USB from the installed and tweaked system - I will try an install from my remastered copy tonight.

    The specs are exactly what I'm looking for:

    LXDE as the DE, based on Debian testing so it has fresher programs in the repos, includes remaster capability, and is 64 bit. The only glitch I see so far is there is no way to enable autologin. The is no menu entry for this and even editing the /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf file manually doesn't work. I tried to register on the Sparky forum to ask some questions but the register link appears to be broken...

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    What about /etc/lxdm/lxdm.conf?
    There should be a line - something about "autologin=" that you can set with the user you want logged in. You may need to delete the password as well "password -d <user>".

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    I finally got into the forum and have been exchanging posts with the developer. He says editing lightdm.conf should work and is testing why it doesn't. Getting on the forum is difficult as you have to create an account from the main page as the register link on the forum does not work...

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