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    Choosing between Android x86 or staying with Win7 on my second PC

    I have a 4 year old desktop I was given and I have Windows 7 on it I also use a Android tablet a lot but I could easily use Android x86 on said desktop because I use all things I can easily use on Android on the desktop and anyways it can barely handle Win7 at all I can also at anytime factory reset back to Windows 7 because I have the factory reset discs. Its a HP Pavilion Magnesium Gray Edition p6540y AMD Phenom II Quad-Core, 8GBs DDR3 RAM, ATI Radeon HD 4200 Intergarted Graphics Card, 1TB HDD, Wireless Card, Ethernet (Which I want to use) And a DVD multiburner with Lightscribe (never gonna use the Light Scribe) I am not sure if I should use Android x86 or not. Anyone that can help me? Thanks in advance!

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    Well, it wouldn't hurt to give androidx86 a try, since it's free. But from my ecxperience, androidx86 is really slow. Like , i move my mouse and the pointer moves 2 seconds later slow.
    But that might be because i have an onboard gpu,the only thing below standard on my laptop.

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    I used it on the desktop I am talking about before wasn't slow my only problem was when an app ROTATED the screen. Which disoriented me so bad I couldn't even shut it off. You know any way to stop the Androidx86 system from doing that? Like a force screen rotation setting or something? I'm about to make the install disc now and install it. I will look through the settings and see if I find anything. Thanks for the advice.

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    Have you tried this?

    sorry, can't parse links yet

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    I don't know what that is. o.o But I realized my laptop has better performance then either one of my desktops and it has an Intel integrated graphics card Intel HD Graphics 4400 to be exact and Intel integrated cards can handle up to three monitors depending on the specific card. My laptop has a HDMI output and a VGA output I am wondering if I might burn out or break the laptop in anyway having it set up to three monitors. So far it's amazing but I'm not sure if its completely safe for the machine. Would you be able to give me any kind of heads up on how safe this is for my laptop? It has 6GBs DDR3 RAm at a speed of 1600MHz and said graphics card a Intel i5-4200U a TB WD HDD 4 cell Li-ion battery (But I'm leaving it plugged in because I need a new battery anyways) Wireless and GB Ethernet which I have plugged in and one of the horrible laptop DVD drives. if any of that information helps at all. Thanks for the help. I couldn't get the right Android x86 version that worked on the desktop I first made this post about I will probably do it sometime this week or next though. Thank you once again.

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