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Thread: Rescue CD/USB

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    Rescue CD/USB

    I have 2 old 1GB USB sticks that are probably used more than any I own. One of them contains the Windows 7 rescue tools and the other has Parted Magic. I realized early in my computer career (mid 80s) that rescue tools had to be available before a problem occurs. Lately I have used FSArchiver (on the Parted Magic drive) a lot as I use it to image linux distros I'm testing. As it's such a valuable tool, I actually paid for the latest version of Parted Magic even though I had an ISO of the last free copy. I've downloaded SystemRescueCD as I want to compare it to Parted Magic but I haven't got around to that yet. Do y'all keep stuff like this handy?

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    I have a collection of rescue and bootable CD's I keep in a carrying case that I use for work and at home. Also have an old laptop with a real serial port I keep to use as a terminal in case I need to get on old Unix systems. The laptop is still running Windows NT and the last free version of Red Hat.
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    I keep a pastebin account to store commands I forget.
    I have all kinds of isos on cd for most anything.

    Any Windows Gear has recovery dvds burned and stored, I also zip up partitions and store on external hard drives.

    Only time I ever lost anything was when I accidentally drop kicked my Western Digital external hard drive.
    I learned alot about what a fubar drive looks like in software recovery tools.
    The other stuff I lost was some Puppeee isos I had on file at Ubuntus cloud storage. Glad I had nothing critical in the cloud.
    Ubuntu emailed me to download my my stuff. Then gave me a error message the service is not working and try later.

    I said to myself. Screw it.
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    I really started this thread as kind of a public service announcement to remind folks they WILL need rescue tools at some point and it's hard to create a rescue CD/USB when your computer is down...

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    Based on the posts I read here and on other forums, this should be bumped every now and again. You need to create recovery tools before your computer acts up as it's impossible to do after it acts up...

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    Over in security a while back (few months) we had a go round on this one. I posted a list of all the recovery stuff I keep handy along with links for DLing what was most current at the time.

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    NGIB said, " . . . I've downloaded SystemRescueCD as I want to compare it to Parted Magic but I haven't got around to that yet. Do y'all keep stuff like this handy? "

    Yes. I keep clonezilla i486 on one old 512MB USB stick and SysRescCD on another 2GB stick. I would include Puppy on LiveUSB as essential for file recovery (at least), too.

    SysRescCD is much more to my liking than PartedMagic (besides, it contains gparted, dban and much more); I keep Trinity Rescue Kit on hand for occassional work on friends' laptops and such, as well.

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