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    antiX: Full vs. Base vs. Core?

    (Looking at the 16.1)

    Whats the difference?

    Also, does the 32bit have Non-PAE?

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    I would also like to know the differences. I found this thread whilst trying to determine what they are. You'd have thought there would be a table somewhere.

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    it took me 1 minute to find this:
    you're welcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nihili View Post
    it took me 1 minute to find this:
    you're welcome.
    Did you post the wrong link? That says almost nothing of the differences between the versions.

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    What kernel is antiX-16 using?
    A customised 4.4.10 version.
    There are several other kernels available via the metapackage-installer application. Such as:
    custom-4.6.2 non-PAE and PAE for both stable and testing/sid
    various non-PAE and PAE libre kernels for both stable and testing/sid
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    Searching is how I found this forum thread!

    I'm not sure the information you quote refers to the differences between the core, base and full installations though and I think there are a lot more differences as well. The base version is like half the size because it doesn't include a lot of apps. It doesn't even include the GUI package manager. Version 17 will change this though, I heard.

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