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    Live GUI OS ~100 Mb for 32-bit 1 Gb 2005 laptop

    I would post the following in a forum entitled similar to Lightweight Linux but I saw nothing of the like (moderators feel free to move this thread) as I don't know which distribution would suit the situation best (or near the top).

    For a 32-bit 1 Gb (RAM) 2005 laptop, I'd like to put a live GUI OS on a 256 Mb USB key, so hopefully it won't be > 100 Mb. It would most likely never be installed (so ran live). The graphic capabilities are limited (on a non-*nix OS, for a non-frustrating experience I have to watch youtube at 360p with the player as small as I can manage to set it, and using the OS default media player, I have to watch MP4s at around the same size). It needs to have a method to easily mount drives, which doesn't need to be automatic but no text has to be typed, also connect to ethernet & WIFI, install programs, all the previous easily. It possibly includes a browser that the user can access HTML Gmail, and with luck allows for youtube videos to be watched right away (but if there's not enough space to fit that capability on the ~100 Mb that it can be easily installed, and hopefully not be a too large download).

    Any suggestion?

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    Forget it.
    1 Gbyte ram is not enough to run a browser nowadays.
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    An OS with a GUI and browser and media player under 100Mb?

    Have you tried Puppy Linux?

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    Slax linux or SliTaz linux

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