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    i need to partition my hard drive so i can keep windows on here so i dont lose my website. and i cant figure out how to use the partitioning program that is in yoper.. Please help...

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    IIRC Yoper uses QTParted to partition,

    Its been a bit of time since I used QTParted but I'll try and help:

    Firstly select the drive from the left had menu, and in the main window all the partitions on the drive will appear.

    If you have Windows, you will see 1 partition, most likely formated ntfs, select this partition, and change its size (I can't remember if it's double clicking it or right clicking it or what) and make the drive smaller by changing the end cylendr on the partition, click ok (it will not format untill the end were you click format (or simmilar),

    Now you will see the Smaller windows partition ans well as 'blank space' in the main window.
    Select the 'blank space' and create a SWAP partition (make it a primery partition) and make it's size double that of your RAM. Format it SWAP.

    Now you will have the Windows Partition, the SWAP partition, and 'blank space' in your main window.
    Select the 'blank space' and create the linux / partition, make it a primery partition, and format it to a linux format of your choice, I reconmend reiserfs.

    When you are happy with what you have done, click 'Finnish' (or whatever the button is, I can't remember).

    I hope this helps;

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    i did all those things i still didnt work. do i have to do something with home directory

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