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    Quote Originally Posted by psic
    It's hard to say, since there are many things that can affect the overall speed of any WM. IceWM is very fast and light, but something like Fluxbox or Windowmaker is easily just as fast, if not faster.
    Between Flux/Blackbox and IceWM, I think they are both about as fast as the other. I prefer IceWM though, because it's so easy to configure. There are a thousand themes for IceWM, giving you many choices on how you want it to look.
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    so KDE is the slowest?
    I seem to like it the best but its the only one ive used, and it was only for half an hour. but ive seen screenshots for others, and KDE seems to be the phattest (lol).

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    I'm running wmii-2 now and highly recommend it. Be on notice, though, that it's probably quite different from anything you've tried before.

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