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    How do i re-install MBR?

    Well, i put windows on after linux, and it wrote over my mbr. Last time i was using grub, so it was very easy to fix, but now i am using lilo and dont know how to fix it. Can anyone help me out? Thanks.

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    I believe it's just
    Someone will correct me if I'm wrong..

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    I think the Mepis live cd has a nice way to reinstall Grub.
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    The Knoppix Live-CD and SystemRescueCD can also reinstall LILO for you.

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    ok, so where do i type /sbin/lilo? And i dont have any of those live cd's or a rescue cd. All i have is a yoper live cd, will that work?

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    There may well be some sort of recovery on the installer disk. (Though I haven't used that distro myself). Pop it in and see if there's a recovery tool, it may even have an option to reinstall the mbr on the menu like some other distros.

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    well, it does not have any rescue feature that i know about, when i boot from the cd, it just puts me into a terminal and tells me to type "yoper" to install. No rescue or MBR options. Is there a command that i could type in the terminal to fix the MBR?

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    How can i re-install lilo from a live cd? I heard you just type "lilo" at the console but you have to be on the root yoper partition. How can i mount my root partition from a live cd? Thanks.

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    Never mind, i got it.

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    Make a windows boot disk and at A:/> prompt type fdisk /mbr

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