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    Another Boot Up issue

    I have a windows XP pro machine that I wanted to setup as a dual boot with Yoper. I went through the Yoper install (burnt ISO to CD, then booted from CD). After resizing the windows partition, and setting up a root partition and a swap partition, and finishing the rest of the install process I am unable to boot into Yoper. My machine still boots right into windows, anyone have any ideas?

    --By the way I selected Lilo as my boot loader during the install process.

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    did you install lilo into the mbr?
    and it might help if you posted what partitons yoper and windows are on

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    Not sure if I installed inthe MBR but heres the partition info (from the partition editor program that runs during the install).

    /yos/ram/dev.hdb1 type=NTFS status=active size=11.72gb
    /yos/ram/dev.hdb2 type=ext3 status= size=6.64gb
    /yos/ram/dev.hdb3 type=ext3 status= size=658.55mb

    I only remember the install asking me if I wanted to install to the current drive, I clicked OK. Now it boots into windows just like it always did, lilo doesnt come up at all.

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    is hdb3 supposed to be your swap partition? because youve set it as an ext 3 partition not linuxswap.

    If you state which version of yoper you are useing it may be easier for people to help.

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