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    Ok i need a little help here. i just got Linux the other day and cant seem to browse any folders! all i see is the Linux desktop, some shortcuts to programs and a workspace taskbar thing. but no My comuter icon like windows! and without that i cant browse through any folders :C
    help is needed !

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    Welcome to the forums.

    Yes, Linux isn't Windows and it isn't meant to look or work exactly like Windows.

    What distro are you running?

    What file manager are you using?

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    yeah, you need some tips on using forums for linux. Linux geeks have their own way of looking at things, and to not know that can cause you a lot of grief.

    Tip #1: Always give a brief description of problem in your title. Things like help or desperate turn off the best geeks who can help the most, trust me on this.

    For you, "can't find file browser" might be much better.

    However, now that you are here...

    Tip #2. ALWAYS supply basic information, such as distro, type of computer, etc. As you can see, you have wasted time for yourself as well as the generous person who is trying to help you.

    Now, as far as a general statement, it will depend upon which window manager as well as which distro you have.

    In many cases, there will be a small house, and it may or may not have the title HOMe on it. It may be on your desktop, or it may be on the toolbar. Click on it and you will open in your folder.

    I log in as bruce, so mine opens at /home/bruce

    If I logged in as jake, that little house would start at /home/jake


    To navigate will depend upon your distro setup. I demand one-click opening of folders, but some distros default at two clicks.

    To go up the file tree, look at left top corner (assuming you have konqueror which is part of KDE window manager) and there will be BACK arrows, also some times up arrows, and arrow to the right for Forward.

    The only distro that I have used which has a My Computer icon is, I think, pclinuxos.

    If there is no little house anywhere for HOME, then try clicking on the icon at the left bottom of the screen , which is the linux version of START icon in Windows, with all sorts of menus. Somewhere on that menu it should also say HOME with same result.

    If you are using Gnome, it may be somewhat different.

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    Unbelievable. When I looked at my posting, it turned the word Desktop into a link for an ad for a $399 Dell Computer. Well, it pays the bills for us to use this URL for free. Besides I am in the market for such a computer.

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