Hi everyone, let me introduce myself, my name is Khyshen, I come from the UK And im interested in Computers, I build them, I have used the following OS's.
Mac OSx 10, All Windows OS's. Well, their is tonnes more stuff id like to say, but, I've got a really lame problem, and I thought you guys could help me with it

Ok, so here it goes.

Well, I downloaded a copy of Linux Mandrake 10.1, from http://linuxiso.org
And I installed it, went fine...
So, I changed my screen res. to 800x600 to see what would happen. And it changed it... But it made my screen really odd... All I see is lines etc. And I am wondering if there is a command in the command prompt to fix it.
When I boot, I see, linux, failsafe, linux [somethingelse], windows.
I go to failsafe for the command prompt. I tried to go to cd /etc and find some configs but no luck....

Any help would be very very GREATLY appreciated!
Also, if anyone could help me via MSN Messenger, it would be even better!

tat_a !!!!! @ !!!!! hotmail !!!!!! . !!!!! com
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