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    Angry Problems with Fedora core Iso's download and burn

    I've tried downloading Fedora core more than once by HTTP and by Azureus bit-torrent client. Both of which on the surface would seem successful. However, after burning the disks and rebooting; doing a test of the Linux media brings up errors, and the suggestion that I discontinue the use of the said disk due to those errors.

    I used Nero 7 premium to do the burn onto CDR's "Maxell XL-ll 80's", I've already described my download methods. My current Os is Windows Xp Media center edition 2002 sp2...(just pro with a few unusual tweaks and addons really! how they get away with it I'll never know). My net connection is by Ethernet a 2.5 mbit unlimited connection to a cable modem. I should be able to get a clean download. My firewall is Sygate Pro and anti-virus is Macafee Enterprise. 8.0i

    What I would like to know is why errors with every attempt? The last download that came up clean was FC2 that was with a slower connection and computer! an old P3 450 and 5I2KB . I've wasted enough disks I think. FC 4 & 5 every disk came up errors.


    INtel Celeron 1.3GHz

    376 MB Ram

    Liteon CD writer

    No graphics card only sound and ethernets two of them Realtek , This computer is a gateway to a network nothing outstanding. Its there to buffer and take the knocks.

    Can anyone help with possible routs of corruption. Azureus discards corrupted data so where are the errors appearing from? is it my hardware or software?
    Or do I just start to bite the carpet. set a light to my computer and dance happily round it... Though I'd quite like to use Fedora as a second

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    Have you actually tried installing from any of the disks? There have been issues with the self-checks on the Fedora discs before, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if your discs are actually just fine. Check the SHA1SUMs of the ISO files first. If they check out, then your burns are probably ok.
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    This really should have been posted in the Fedora/Redhat section.
    If you can't install from the discs that show the errors, maybe you could try burning at a slower rate.
    When I burn isos, I normally burn 8x to 16x.

    But, as Moe said, you could probably still install from these discs.
    I have done it before without problems.
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    fedora and other Linux concerns

    No I've not tried loading FC5 I did a dual boot with FC2 and XP pro which didn't work. I was told the NTFS problem with FC was solved , but apparently not from what I can glean from other threads, well by FC4 it still was an issue by the look of things. I was thinking of using another flavor but not sure which; Ubuntu seems OK, but if I want something that brown on my desktop I'll do it myself. I think they took the earth thing a little too far.

    I've downloaded other releases but seem to be getting the same problem of corruption? Kate Os which looked good just didn't come out on loading. Debian, and other releases I think are suffering the same problem, on reflection most peoples problems are caused by what I currently am suffering with dodgy downloads. Considering the diverse problems I'd suggest it was corrupted on the servers that are holding them. It cant be just at the end users it appears far too widespread for this.
    I actually downloaded Ubuntu and also had a disk sent to me by the site. I compared this with what some others had downloaded. Most downloads were bad either they didn't boot or didn't load. The site issued disk went in perfectly and brownly!

    I've also noticed that most Live CD's on download work well, Knoppix was good Linspire wasn't bad either as was Kubuntu. Over all Knoppix was the best download live CD. I may download the DVD and use it as is. Instead of fighting with dual boots from flawed downloads.

    If the servers could be wiped , formatted and reloaded it might go a fair way to solving a lot of peoples problems.

    When there is no consistency in downloads errors creep in, and cause a host of diverse problems; that have essentially only one cause.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer me I didn't know about the linuxmediacheck problem.

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    Try using a diffrent mirror, i have downloaded the i386 and the x86_64 versions of diffrent UK mirros (dvd) and they work fine.

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