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    File formats and controlling location of data

    If I have my HDs in two logical drives. One of 18.2 GB and the other of 7x18.2 GB, can I use the larger logical drive to store my data, allowing me to change linux distros whenever I feel so inclined? I'm worried that because linux treats things as one big /home/Sean/, I wont control where it puts my data. Also, I think I've read different distros use different file formats and one might not read anothers - how frequent is this and what is the most common format?

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    I'm guessing by file formats you mean filsystems. If that's the case, then different distros will default to different filesystems, but there's normally kernel support for the commonly used filesystems, so you have nothing to worry about there.

    As for your partitions, not only can you use the big one for /home, but it's advisable to do so. Just be sure for each distro you install that you let it know during setup that it should mount that partition at the appropriate mount point (/home).

    Am I answering the right questions?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zelmo
    Am I answering the right questions?
    Yes I think you are, but what if I want to use a live CD? Can I have a /home on my second logical drive if I'm using a live CD?

    And supposing I failed to specify the drive for /home during installation of distro, is it possible to rectify at the terminal?

    I'm worried that I'll find a way to mess up an installation and destroy the data on the second logical drive. I'm not in Kansas anymore...

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