I want to write device driver for USB-CREATIVE PC-CAM-300(VENDOR-ID:041e/PRODUCT-ID:0400a) using
libusb in linux.Can anyone plz tell me how I can fetch data from my usb webcam.I am unable to
understand usb_control_msg() function.How can I pass right arguments to this function which is
suitable for my webcam.I have also problem in passing right arguments to usb_bulk_read() function.
Uptil now I am able to find my webcam, able to fetch all descriptors but I am unable to fetch data.
Plz send me some code or links or documents so that I can understand.

Plz tell me what are different arguments of usb_control_msg function() and usb_bulk_read() and
how I can obtained them through descriptors or by any other mean ,before passing to the function.
Is it possible to build general device driver that works with all webcams.Users have to only supply
product-id and vendor-id.If Yes or No Why?

Another problem that I am facing is that I am using usb_rcvbulkpipe for getting pipe but compiler
says it as undefined function.I am including two files /usr/include/linux/usb.h and /usr/local/include/usb.h
usb_rcvbulkpipe is declared in first file even then compiler says it as undefined function .Why????

I am only using libusb downloaded from www.sourceforge.net.


Nitin Saxena