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Thread: Dc++

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    I have just installed Xandros 3.0 Delux and i use to use DC++ on windows is there one that works in Xandrose i have tryed valknut but it will not load any ideas


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    What happens when you try to start valknut? Any error messages?

    Anyway, I prefer dctc with dc_gui as user interface. You can get them both at

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    Our friend Valknut is an ass for a DC++ client, but as it seems, there aren't currently too many DC++ clients (at least those that work) for Linux. I have also subdued to using Valknut, and during the long and cursed nights have somewhat managed to live with it.

    When searching a file, don't download it from the search list, but instead look up the users name and download his/her list from THE USER LIST, not from the search list. Then navigate through his/her files and download it from there. That's the only way it works for me. Also be sure to have active mode, of course.

    The other thing is, that Valknut has hard coded "ability", which downloads the files in chucks, each a megabyte big. This leads Valknut hammering the other client with dozens of requests in a small time, which many clients disapprove and ban the ip. There's no way of disabling this option but you can change the chunk size directly from the sources of dclib before compiling Valknut binaries. It was #defined as CHUNK_SIZE 1024*1024 (if I remember right; the source file I do not remember - grep it), and just add one *1024 into it. That'll do the trick.

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