If I do a poweroff command it sounds like it turns off by the hard drive parking. Then I have to hold the power in for about 5 sec. and then it powers off.

I think because I installed this in another computer then put the hard drive in this Netgear ND508. It's a 320GB hard drive.

It only has power and Ethernet to it. No USB, keyboard, mouse, Video, or card slots. So this was the only way to install any thing on it. Trustix is the only Linux I found that would boot and work in it. I guess because it don't use video like other Linux.

I did commands like this to test for the power off.

root@NetgearHD ~# modprobe apm
modprobe: Can't locate module apm
root@NetgearHD ~# dmesg | grep acpi
root@NetgearHD ~#
All so when I do:

root@NetgearHD ~# uname -a
Linux NetgearHD 2.4.31-1tr #1 Tue Jun 21 17:20:22 GMT 2005 i586 unknown unknown GNU/Linux
root@NetgearHD ~#
It does 2 unknown's there. Could that be why it don't power off? Any one know how this could be fixed?

-Raymond Day