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Thread: New PC :(

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    Just so y'all know: This morning I succeeded in installing MEPIS onto this $`5 6-year-old PC.

    NOTE: I had to disconnect Ethernet cable (between router & cable modem) in order for PC to boot!

    After I booted from new V.6 CD, I reconnected the Ethernet cable and installed to the completely empty, unformatted HD. (To the whole thing; no Windows on here at all. )

    I'm happy to be back online, with MEPIS. The video adaptor is driving my monitor badly, but I hope to be able to get that fixed sometime today, and if that's the ony problem I have, I'd have to call this a success.

    As to the $500 PC... I have an RMA number to return that pile of junk. Now all I have to do it get it all packed up into its box and work out how to get the box shipped back to Cisnet. *sigh*
    I strongly recommend newbies running Linux on cheap old PCs. Recycling is good! Once you learn how to be safe online, then you might be ready to risk one of the new, finicky, expensive, delicate PCs.

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    It's good to see that you got up and running. I like
    old PCs too, but sometimes it's good to have
    some more power, so I have a newer one too.

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    Life is strange... The installation from yesterday morning was already looking wonky by this afternoon. So, I just reinstalled Linux (MEPIS). It's very quick, less than 30 minutes and no intervention required from me (unlike the Wz installs, which require making choices and rebooting a few times and inserting long, complicated serial 'numbers,' etc.).

    This time I left the network disconnected, and guess what? No video problem! Hmmm.

    The text at the top of the screen when the boot CD started to spin up was barely legible this time (unlike yesterday -- when it was just a single flat line). So I had it do the "Normal" install. (Sometimes it seems as if the cracker messes with my video RAM. Usually just powering off and on again solves the problem, but apparently that's not sufficient if I'm trying to install with high-speed Internet connection. )

    So... Today I left PC connected to router, but disconnected Ethernet cable between router and cable modem. Once the system was completely installed, all I had to do was plug router into cable modem, and the Internet connection was instantly there. Therefore, I recommend following this procedure, if you ever have a problem installing: Connect PC to router if you have one, but don't try to run the install while connected to a highspeed network (if you have any sort of hacker/cracker problem).

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    Hello Techwatcher:
    Congratulations on your working install.
    Is MEPIS going well?
    There are two good mp3 players with the standard CD. Have you tried them out on some downloaded music?
    I'm right now running amaroK on some downloaded jazz.

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    Hi, Joe -- Actually, on this old Dell PC, an Optiplex gx1, MEPIS can't find the sound card. It seems to be hardwired to the board, and I have no idea if it worked when I bought it anyway. My plan is to aquire yet another PC box (used!) at the local Goodwill outlet whenever I can get there, and install again.

    Someone gave me an old Dell laptop, too, which sits on my painting table (I'm a watercolorist, although restricted to about 30 minutes at any session before I have to lie down again). The laptop is too heavy for me to lift (only because of my disability), so I've been using it only to view images downloaded by another PC, copied to floppy for this laptop. Yesterday, after cleaning out a lot of files, I defragmented the drive. Then I tried to boot MEPIS to install it. Three times I tried booting from the CD, and three times the drive froze when it reached the CUPS install. Again, this is a machine which saw hard use before it ever reached my hands, so I'm not drawing any conclusions.

    Meanwhile the expensive new Cisnet PC still sits here in its box, with RMA number, all ready to go back for repair. Someone promised to pick it up and take it to UPS or FedEx Friday, but then he also promised to repay me $12 he's owed me for many months. At this rate I'll soon have had this new PC completely dysfunctional for more weeks than it worked.

    I'm never, ever buying a new PC again. Hardware should be cheap, given how unreliable are the systems under which it has to operate. And I don't mean Linux.

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