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    Xandros Completely Died

    Well, I was running quite happy for about three days on Xandros, after a few days of getting everything configured properly, then today, everything went wrong.

    For some reason I was getting no sound in from the system, or in certain programs, but was getting sound in other programs.

    I decided to reboot my machine, it had been a few days and I figured what the heck. ...I really wish I hadn't done it.

    When I rebooted everything seemed fine at first, then I realized I had no internet connection. So after some tinkering, I got it back.

    Then I started to not get sound with web pages, then programs again, then the entire system. Error messages galore about not audio hardware being detected. So, I decided to shut down, pull my sound card and test it on another computer. It worked fine on the other computer without any issues whatsoever.

    So, I put my sound card back in my Xandros box. And I had sound again after a couple minutes of reconfiguring things.

    Then, quite suddenly Xandors Networks opens on it's own and says it is "reconfiguring" my system and everything will be unavailable while it does this. So I wait...and wait....I go to the store and come back, still waiting...I cook dinner...still had to wait...I clean the fish tank...still waiting....

    then, my computer turns off on it's own.

    I freak out.

    So I figure it might be my power supply, so, I yank it and test it on another box, works fine.

    So I stick it back in my Xandros box, and I start up the computer.

    My motherboard splash screen displays, then the Nvidia screen, then black monitor.

    So I reboot, and reboot, and reboot. Nothing.

    I eventually go so far as to reinstall Xandros but preserve my files for my user account, Xandros starts to load, then I get the KDE crash dialog, then the monitor goes totally blank.

    I try rebooting, no luck.

    I just wasted $62 on an OS that didn't last a week. Thanks Xandros. I guess I can be happy they gave me a discount at least. *rolls eyes*

    Out of curiousity, I downloaded (on my wifes windows laptop that I'm typing from now) a copy of Fedora to load on my desktop where Xandros died to truly see if it was a hardware or an os issue.
    I loaded Fedora, everything went smooth as silk, no issues with anything, all my audio and video hardware worked fine.

    Right now I am reinstalling Windows XP Pro on my desktop computer, feeling cheated and defeated by Xandros.
    I'm also a little pissed that even if Xandros had lasted, that they made no mention of version 4 coming out soon and I just bought version 3. So, knowing my luck I would have had to pay for an upgrade.

    Once again I am a slave to Micro$oft. Just when I thought I was free.

    I'm going to buy a laptop next week and throw Fedora on it though, and if it lasts more than a week I'll put it back on my desktop and try again. I'm not highly fond of the feel of Fedora, but I think I just need to get used to it, and I have to admit I worked quite well in my earlier test. There has got to be at least one Linux distro that can truly replace Windows, I thought Xandros was it, I was wrong.
    Hopefully Fedora works out.

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    Sorry to hear that you had bad experiences with Xandros. I never tried it myself - and never even thought about it. I have tried tons of distros and most distros work okay. I never had problems with Mandriva, my preferred distro. Fedora is a very good distro, too, but you will need to tinker a bit with it for getting all multimedia-stuff to work on it flawlessly.

    I'd say, give Fedora a thorough look and check this site:
    A good, understandable and quick guide for customizing the most important things on your box.

    If you run into problems, just ask us. We will gladly help you.

    Good luck.
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    Well, I'm sorry to hear Xandros gave you issues, but yours is a unique case in my experience. I've installed Xandros 3 Deluxe on several systems in the past (and I run it as one of my dual-boot OSes right now as a matter of fact) and I've had no issues with it at all. One day if you're feeling adventurous you should give it another install (clean this time, without preserving anything) and perhaps we can help you get it to work. Until then, best of luck with Fedora.
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    Hi, WebThingy.

    Condolences. I followed some of your posts as Wrath on the Xandros forums.

    When I encounter a precipitous change in behavior such as you experienced on your computer, I would probably assume a hardware problem. If you are really unlucky it may be an intermittent problem. I've installed Xandros (beginning with Corel Linux, then 1, 2, 3) on a number of different platforms without significant problems (except for one issue with dual processors).

    If somehow I could determine it was not a hardware problem, I would look at whatever I was doing recently, usually an install. I think you did a fair number of package installs, and it looked like a few people mentioned non-Xandros repositories that had Debian packages. If you had some of those still enabled when doing an update (as opposed to an install) you could run into trouble. I don't recall if the topic of pinning your sources was discussed in your threads, but it's a way of protecting your current environment from mismatched versions of packages by assigning priorities to repositories.

    I don't think I would give up after two weeks of using a distro, but I wouldn't stay with one that didn't suit my style, either. Xandros is stable, but far behind the edge. For many people, that's what they want. There are lots of other distros to try, and I like to have the choice (although it can be a lot of work, especially if you don't have a lot of disks -- I use the frame-carrier system, and I have 10 or so disks that I can easily install, and then test things. For example, I am writing this from CentOS 4.3.)

    Good luck with Fedora, and best wishes ... cheers, drl
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    Thanks guys. No, I'm not giving up on Linux, I'm just a little shocked that Xandros couldn't hold up for more than a week, and a little irritated I spent so much time getting eveyrthing working, well, at least I thought so anyway, lol. Even Windows lastest longer than that though.

    Yeah, I just ordered a laptop, and I'm going to try my Xandros disc again just to be sure, if that doesn't work, I'll use Fedora.

    I did load a lot of programs, and I did read about pinning, and another Xandros user helped me do it. I'm really not sure what happened. I spent most of the night and early morning testing my hardware on a spare box I use only for testing, and it was all fine. I'm confident the hardware is good, I may be new to Linux but I'm definitely not new to hardware.

    The problems started with audio, so my only guess is that there was something massively conflicting between the unsupported debian packages I used to get those audio programs, and once installed they just didn't want to play nice. I still can't figure out why the Xandros Networks window opened and said it was "reconfiguring" my system and that all applicatiojns would be unavailable during that time though. I also can't figure out why I couldn't even get back to the boot screen again.

    I was fond of the interface in Xandros, and up until this happened I quite liked Xandros and how it worked. My only complaint was it was a bit behind as one of you mentioned already.

    I'll be back, lol.

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