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    Missing Operating System

    This is a cross-post with the official Yoper support board (I need all the help I can get)... the problem is fully described in this thread :

    Basically, I'm trying to install lilo to the MBR, because apparently the installer doesn't =_=

    Anyways, check out the thread above to see what I've already tried and what errors I got.

    Sorry for the long read (the original thread) and thanks in advance.

    P.S.: I still have the option to install Yoper 2.91 Blacksand, but I won't be buying blank CD-Rs for a few days, so I'd like to fix the damn thing and wait for the 3.0 release on that version ^_^

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    Hi, Azure Flash.

    I didnt read all the details of your post over there, but if the gist of the problem is around the MBR, then perhaps my experience will be of benefit to you. I had trouble with an MBR that could not be written after the drive had been written by a diagnostic routine. I used GParted, see my post at mbr troubles

    Let us know the final answer; best wishes ... cheers, drl
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    One thing I noticed, and you probably are aware of, is that
    when you ran lilo, it complained "no medium found" or
    something like that. Since the hard drive is /dev/hdc
    my guess is that the /etc/lilo.conf file probably
    has a wrong entry, attempting to install to /dev/hda.

    By far the best solution would be to swap the plugs on your ide
    cable (or move jumpers on the drives) so that the hard drive
    becomes /dev/hda. It isn't strictly necessary, but it
    is the most common installation, and reduces confusion
    for you, and for anyone advising you.

    With modern hardware, the jumpers on the drives are set
    to the "cable select" position. The drive at the end will
    be "master" and the other is "slave"

    /dev/hda is primary master, that is, first device
    on the first channel. The channels refer to the two connectors
    on the motherboard.

    You could leave the drive where it is, and edit /etc/lilo.conf
    (assuming the BIOS will boot from that drive), but that's up to you.

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