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    Smile Xandros

    HI,just come on board and new to Linux also. Today I installed Xandros 3, no problem. Question where do I get software,like virus protect,firewall.adware that will work with Linux Xandros. Thanks for the help.Freecat

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    You don't need anti-virus, adware nor firewall protection young n00bie Only Windows needs that, not Linux

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    Welcome to the forums, freecat

    I don't run any antivirus, firewall, or adware software, so I can't be of much help with it. Maybe someone that does run it routinely will step in here with more info for you.

    In the interim, I've never run Xandros either so I can't say for sure but I was thinking it comes with a firewall (maybe Firestarter), and a firewall wizard to help in getting it setup. If so, you'll probably find it in a control center of some type, or under some administration control panel.

    Hope that helps...


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    Thumbs up Xandros

    Thanks. I have a lot to learn about Linux.

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    Well I know you get an anti-virus package or two for linux, one of them is avast. How good it is I don't know, however it is not even really necessary to get an anti-virus package for Linux. (That's my opinion anyway)

    Apparently you can use it for desktop computers as well, but "the pricing assumes it's for server usage on Linux/BSD servers."

    Then with the firewall's, it's like ozar said. You probably have a firewall under some control somewhere. Should you feel safer after getting a firewall yourself you could try I haven't tried any of these and I'm a linux n00b myself, but I don't think it should be too difficult to configure the firewall since it has a GUI.

    Hope this helps...

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    Xandros help

    Thanks Netstrider.Got lot to learn about Linux.

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    Xandros has a built in firewall you can activate and set up. It is in the menus. There are other more robust firewall available like Firestarter or Guarddog. You can download clamav to use for antivirus. You can get it from Xandros Networks. I recommend running a firewall no matter what OS you are using. AV is optional with Linux, but it does not hurt to have it running. a virus may be sent to you via email and it wil not most likely effect Xandros, but you may pass on to a Windows freind if you forward the email. Better safe than sorry I say.

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