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    Trying to get on the wireless network!

    I'm running SimplyMepis 6.0 in my son's desktop pc which has a new Linksys wireless-G PCI Adapter WRT54GS card in it. I have 2 wireless laptops running XP Home and my basestation which is directly wired to the cable modem and Linksys WRT54G wireless router is XP Home.
    (I also have 2 other hard drives in my basestation: 1 with SimplyMepis 6.0 and the other one has Xandros 3.0 on it which get online just fine).
    I'm trying to get my my son's pc running SimplyMepis 6.0 to find the basestation.
    In his PC, i got to the root@1[~]# prompt and typed iwconfig. The info I got was:
    lo no wireless extensions

    eth1 IEEE 802.11 b/g ESSID:"MSHOME"
    Nickname: "Default"
    Mode: Managed Frequency-2.437 GHz
    Access Point: Invalid
    RTS thr:off Fragment thr:off
    Encryption Key:off
    Link Quality:0 Signal Level:0
    Noise level:0 RX Invalid nwid:0 RX invalid crypt:0
    RX Invalid Frag:0
    Tx excessive retries:0 Invalid misc:0 missed beacon:0

    Now, I went to a couple of help websites and I was told that I need to verify that ndiswrapper -l is in SimplyMepis to work with and I did find it. this is what I did:
    At the root@1[~}# prompt I typed ndiswrapper -l and this is what it showed:
    Installed ndis drivers:
    airplus driver present
    bcmwl5 driver present
    lsbcmds driver present
    mrv8k51 driver present
    netr33x driver present
    prismnic driver present
    wlanuig driver present
    wlipnds driver present

    also, in the KInfoCenter it shows:
    Name: eth0
    IP address:
    Network Mask:
    Type: Broadcast
    State: Up
    HWaddr: 00:e0:12:34:56:18
    Name: lo
    IP address
    Network Mask:
    Type: Loopback
    State: Up

    any help will be much appreciated.

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    To work correctly you will need to install the driver for your card's chipset. Ndiswrapper -l will then show driver and hardware present. Follow this to identify chipset and install windows driver . Don't see your card as being supported but depends on chipset really.
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