I tried it out liked the games screen savers anti virus crossover firewall and access to my XP Pro..But I couldn't get my conextant modem or sound..I must have messed up trying to reinstal to fix it and lost my XP in the boot loader..I run/sbin/lilo -U to get rid off bootloader screen,then loaded the install disc-custom install-complete-manage disk and partitions. I deleted Xandros partition and Swap hit Write then Cancel install...On reboot the loader is gone but I get a black L 99 99 screen,and XP won't boot.Dell didn't send any Windows XP Media disk or Recover disk...If I reinstall Xandros and read somewhere run/etc/lilo.conf might let me put XP back into the boot loader, if I can figure it out and hope I can get updated by wireless at the coffee shop with the free wireless connection,only got dialup here now.Cool OS cool desktops multiple desktops up to 20 or so but so much stuff to learn. I'm thinking there's any easy solution out here somewhere.Im loading it up into an older comp pretty soon.