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Thread: Updates??????

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    Question Updates??????

    I have Mepis 3.3 installed on a P3 dual boot system. I loaded both kernels but I am using the 2.6. When I use synaptic to update, it downloads the packages but it wom't install them. I get a message about not getting xwindows for the server application, then the frame freezes and "application is running" appears in the top of the frame. Everything is locked up at this point (mouse and keyboard). I have to force it to close before I can do anything else.
    I tried to use kpackage but I have trouble keeping the windows open in the GUI desktop. Should I reinstall Mepis? What are my options?

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    I never liked synaptic do you have apt-get or aptitude?
    If so try this

    open a terminal
    su -
    apt-get update
    apt-get dist-upgrade


    su -
    aptitude upgrade
    aptitude dist-upgrade


    u can just run --> aptitude

    if you need sudo and can't use su - then ad sudo to the beginning of those lines and skipp the su - and where you enter the root <passowrd>.. I hope that helps, if it still errors at least this way you'll get output as to why, and just paste it back in here if you dont know what it means.

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