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    I've lost my desktop!


    I'm completely new to Linux and thought I'd give Xandros 3.02 OCE a try. It's been going pretty good for the past few months and I'm slowly migrating data from my Windows PC over. I recently switched email over so I installed Thunderbird. It was during this that I noticed when I clicked links in emails it opened them in a program called Konqueror instead of Firefox.

    Without thinking, I opened Xandros Networks and removed something I thought to be Konqueror (but I'm not sure if it was...) When I tried opening another instance of the Xandros Filemanager I was informed my link was malformed. I thought perhaps that Konqueror was also my file manager and tried to go about undoing what I just did. I installed a package called xandros-explorer and restarted. After I login now I don't get my usual desktop... something called XTerm? I can left click and open console windows from which I figured out how to run Xandros Networks again, but I don't know what I need to do to fix things. I uninstalled the xandros-explorer package and restarted but it made no difference.

    I may have added or removed another thing or two during this time but unfortunately dont remember exactly what else I did. I think the rest of it was fairly minor and unrelated (oh, the JRE was one such installation).

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


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    Hi Sohra

    Konqueror is a internet browser , similar to Mozilla or Opera
    ( Note Opera is an excellent browser works well in Xandros but
    strangely unsupported by X )
    In Xandros Konqueror also serves as a file manager as well , so its
    an essential part of the operating system its quite a good browser too
    . Hence if its deleted its going to create problems.
    Similar to Konqueror KDE Mail is an excellent email writing programme
    that I think is better than Thunderbird.

    So you need to Go back to your installation disc to reinstall the operating system Xandros should keep old files for you like documents , they should
    end up in your username/ Old in file manager but read the
    instruction manual to ensure it does this correctly.

    Hope this helps you .. Lara

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    Hi Lara

    Thanks for your post, that explains things a bit.
    Originally I tried reinstalling from the disc but the installation hung at 0%. I tried a few things and got slightly different results but I couldn't get it to install overtop of the old one again.

    I've since solved by using my Windows CD to delete my partitions, format my HDD and then tried installing Xandros again. It worked fine. Strange.

    Thanks again though


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