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    will i be able to dual boot?


    i am ready to move to linux from windows. i have done some research, and plan to buy a new computer w/ linspire 5.0. i see that some software (dreamweaver, photoshop), would be replaced by different linux applications, which i'm interested in learning. however, until i become proficient, i need to have access to those programs for my freelancing (if necessary could use old computer).

    it seems possible to dual boot linspire and win xp. but i haven't found a source that says i definately can. can anyone confirm that i could do this so i have access to my windows software until i become more proficient at linux? also, if it would be better to install both operating systems on different hard disks, can i use one of the hard disks out of my old windows pcs? if i buy a new computer w/ linspire 5.0 already installed, will this make it difficult to install xp? everything i've read sounds like you need to install xp first.

    thanks ahead for your help. this looks like a great forum and i'm excited to learn linux!

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    Hi snagglebutt !!

    its better to install Xp first and its possible to install Windows after installing Linux....
    you have two HardDisks..... Plug-in both disks, windows disk should be Primary Master. boot up from Linux installation CD and re-install Boot Loader in the MBR of Primary Master ( windows disk )... you will have dual boot... no problems

    this is list of LINUX WINDOWS Alternative Applications

    .... casper ....
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    If you are a new linux user, and you are paying for
    a computer that has linux preinstalled, don't monkey
    with it. Dual booting isn't really difficult, but you need to
    concentrate on becoming productive at your work,
    and installing another OS could be a big distraction.

    You can learn that stuff later. Use both computers.
    When the new system seems difficult, take a break
    and go back to the familiar. Network them togrther and
    share files. Welcome to Linux!

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    You'll definitely want to install XP before Linspire.
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