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    Smile Dean :- problem in installing freespire from iso cd

    Hi dean

    How r you, I have downloaded freespire but when i started installing on the hard disk, after installing upto 37% it give error that "cannot copy image to the disk", so what should i do.

    I have downloaded freespire iso from windows xp by using Dap download accelerator, because internet download speed is 29 kbs/s, so i have taken two days to download it, between this i have taken many pause to download.

    please give me any solution to the problem, beause live cd is running but the installation is not working.

    looking forward to your reply.

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    How big of a partition do you have? You need about 5gig partition for freespire.

    You might ask on the freespire forums. Of course they will tell you to download it again and reburn at a slower speed.

    I would suggest trying it on another system to see if the same error occurs. If the same error does not occur then I would think possibly a bad cd drive?

    Just guessing!

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    Smile Dean

    Hi dean,

    I have 9 GB , space to install freespire, but my ram is, i have installed suse linux on it and i want to install linspire on it, but when i boot the cd after some process like usual loging it stops with a black screen

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    So you downloaded the image fine - and burned it to a CD without any problems? The problem is when you're installing Freespire?

    Have you tried testing the CD image? Freespire proabably has some sort of optional test at the beginning of the install that allows you to test the CD. If your CD is bunk you'll most likely have to re-download the ISO and burn it to a new CD.

    If you have connection issues try getting a free CD. If I recall correctly Freespire has some sort of a program through which you can order a free CD.

    *EDIT: Looks like the CDs aren't free - but they're dirt cheap.
    One site sells them for $1.50 and another for $0.99.
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    Smile Hi Dean

    I have download Free spire from mirror image, and burned it to a rewritable cd, to check the installation. The live cd is working in my uncles pc, but when i try to install the cd after 37 percent, it gives an error code that cannot copy image to the disk.

    At my Pc both the live and installation is not working.Regarding the free cds i have searched for it but i dint got a link for it, if you know any links please let me know. Ubuntu people r giving free cds to all, i have also ordered it.

    okk lookin forward to your reply

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    Try checking the md5sum, from the server you downloaded there is a md5sum file.
    md5sum theisofilename.iso
    and compare with the text in the md5 file you got
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