So I'm using Solaris at my university on a terminal, and the default window manager seems pretty bare bones. I managed to load up gnome-session from xsession file, which works but runs extremely slowly. Id like to try other window managers, I am not too familiar with Unix in general. Also, I am not sure what is going to be installed already. So I have a few questions:

Is there a way to make Gnome faster? It takes ~1 minute to load and even after that runs extremely sluggish.

Suggestions for other window managers that will already be compiled/installed by default?

If I manage to screw up my xsession file and it will not load, how can I get at to edit it and fix the mistake? (I ran into this problem earlier and ssh'd onto my account from home, then fixed the file thru terminal. There has to be a better way though...)

Thanks for the help,
A New User