I started using linux on fathers day of this year. I started out with Suse 10.1 but had problems with the fonts. Switched to Fedora for a while. Then downloaded the SimplyMepis live cd. I was amazed that this live cd works so well with all my hardware, including my Airlink pci wireless card. I have a 1 gig ramdrive and use it with "on the go". Basically all I have to do is enter my EssID ( since my router is set not to broadcast it ), in the setup at boot time. Is there a way to save the EssID to the ramdrive? Secondly I have a HP Deskjet 5850 wireless printer that worked well with Suse and Fedora, but have not been able to set it up with SimplyMepis "on the go". Anyone else been able to do this? I think I have to use cups, can't remember how I had it set up under Suse and Fedora , seems like it took very little effort. I have been using computers since before Dos (i.e. cpm) and don't see anything as beyond my scope. If I can solve these two problems I will install the mepis to my harddrive and have the ramdrive as my backup. That would be a ideal situation I think.