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    FreeSpire - I like - but

    I am having a good experience re-discovering linux.

    It has been many years. I remember having to actually compile, and make the core files, as a part of the configuration.

    Now I have tried the UBUNTU, (simple and basic) KUBUNTU (simple, with what appears to be more) and now I am tasting the flavor of Freespire, (simple yet with more complex possibilities.)

    All three of these make the install and configure process so much easier.

    With that said, I currently like the look and feel of Freespire. Now getting down to the nitty gritty of the operating system I find there are still some not so easy things to configure.

    Shared printers on a local network?
    Being able to open files on my other hard drives?

    Ubuntu had locked HD's, could see but not connect to shared files, could not see the printer on the other computer.

    Kubuntu had open drives, could actually see and access the shared files, but could not see the printer on the other computer.

    Freespire has locked drives, (therefore can not access my local files) I can see and access files on the other computer, but still having problems getting the printer working.

    1- I need to access the other printer
    2- The other computer also needs to access my printer.

    I do not know what I am doing wrong. Using add printer, samba, and it appears on the right track, but not successful. Any help or direction is appreciated.

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    Post File and Printer Shares.

    First off what OS does the other pc use? Lets assume its Xp so you use samba.
    On your Xp box make sure you have selected the files to share and set the permissions eg my docs or individually my music etc.
    On your Linspire/freespire pc do the same with files you want to share.
    If you are the only user select simple sharing option.You don't have to set a password.
    Make sure you set the printer as a shared printer not a local printer.
    Slightly off subject Freespire 2 out early next year with a massive amount of improvements.

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