If you are moving your laptop back and forth between your work and home networks, configuring the network is going to get very bothersome without DHCP. I haven't heard of an ISP lately that doesn't support DHCP. You might consider changing ISPs.

However, if you want to (or must) stick with an ISP that doesn't support DHCP, you can use a router to set it up yourself. That is, buy a router ($30 or so at an office supply store), and configure it to do Network Address Translation (NAT) and DHCP. That way, the router and your PC use local addresses inside your house, often and But the router uses the address supplied by your ISP to communicate with the outside world.

Usually, you only use a router if you have more than one PC, but it will work just fine with only one. And the router gives you the added advantage of being a firewall that blocks incoming attacks (unless you configure it not to).