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    xandros 4, vista, and xp media

    I am getting ready to install xandros on a third computer. Normally it would be no problem but vista is now part of the equation.

    Currently I have xp on c drive and vista on k drive - two different drives. I now want to install xandros into a new partition on c drive.

    with the new type of bootloader that vista has, how will this work or will it? I was told that I might need to get rid of vista, install kandros, then reinstall vista but they were not sure.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks -- Dan

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    The Vista bootloader would overwrite GRUB if you do that, not usre but a chainloader in GRUB should help
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    HI !

    i didnt try Vista's Boot Loader yet but i believe that it will be same as earlier one....
    I was told that I might need to get rid of vista, install kandros, then reinstall vista but they were not sure.
    i dont think so... GRUB is one of the best and powerful boot loader. its not possible that Vista's boot loader stop/disallow GRUB-install in MBR....
    install Vista first then xandros !

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    in spite of it being friday the 13th, I went ahead and installed Xandros with Vista and XP media. The following is the result of how it went.

    I installed normally, did not do the custom thing. Told it I wanted to keep windows. It installed in less than 10 minutes and work perfectly. As far as my WinXP Media and Vista, well the grub showed the first three normally, the fourth was Windows XP and the 5th was MS Windows. When I press 4, it goes to the Vista Boot Loader which shows up normally and am able to access either vista and xp normally. The number 5 thats MS Windows - I have not figured that one out yet, but it goes to a blank screen and stops there so I have to unplug the computer to restart - I plan to get it out of the grub.

    So now we know.

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