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    HELP turning Audacity WAV files into MP3s

    wow k this is all like a different language to me i'm kinda computer-stupid so if you wanna help me with my problem please translate your reply into "stupid-terms" cuz i won't know what the hell you are talking about.

    I wanna put one of my originally recorded songs from Audacity onto my Myspace music account but it says it has to be an MP3 and needs this LAME encoder thingy. So I download the encoder and i still don't know where to go from there. Maybe i just don't know how to use it? I don't know but every time I try to export it as an mp3 it says i need that I need the LAME encoder but I already have it cuz I downloaded it!

    I just want to turn them into mp3s from WAV files and I can not figure it out.


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    I don't know why Audacity isn't spotting that you have installed Lame, but rather than worrying about it you will be quicker running lame by hand.
    1) Open a console window (ie Konsole, Gnome Terminal, Xterm)
    2) Change to the directory containing your wav files (ie type cd music if your files are in /home/meg/music)
    3) type ls to see a list of the files
    4) type lame -h musicfile.wav musicfile.mp3 to generate a high quality (that's the -h bit) mp3 of your wav that will be saved in the same directory.

    Hope that helps - come back if it doesn't!

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