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    I have tried all those distro's on the top 5 list. Been using two of them for a long time actually.

    I think I found my choice of distro, you might call it obscure, and less popular. But guess what, java and flash pre-installed. All the codecs for anything, all the music/dvd players you need. But unfortunately, it comes with KDE.

    The name of the distro is MyahOS and it is based on Slackware.

    MyahOS has a small community forum, but you get help with what you need, and there are not much problems with the distro.

    Both for beginners and experts I'd say. I classify myself as an average Linux user.

    Don't let the playful/childish looks fool you. It has a grown up source!

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    Foresight does have a package manager. It's called "conary". You can find more information on it, here Also, if you ever need any help, there are plenty of people to help you out in #foresight on I'm always in there, along with about 20 other Foresight developers. Also, if you ever need to search for a package, you can use I hope this helps you! Foresight is aimed at having the latest and greatest Gnome apps out there

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    Thumbs up Foresight Linux 1.1 rocks!

    Foresight has come along way since it's first release,it comes with Sun's Java 1.6jre,mp3,real media,quicktime and windows media support and libdvdcss so you can watch encrypted DVD's.
    The artwork and icons are superb,plugin an ipod or generic mp3 player and it's automounted,same goes for usb sticks natch.
    It's got the latest Gnome 2.18.0,package management with Conary is easy for a beginner and configurable enough for a Gentoo fan to be happy.
    Compiz is included by default and has a superb gui for changing themes and enabling effects. Switching from or to a 3D desktop doesn't require logging out,just one mouse click!
    One of the best features is the distro's speed,it uses preload so even OO opens fast (if you change the memory options to 128Mb for OO and 20Mb per object it opens incredibly fast although it's not necessary on this distro )
    Check it out it really is one of Linux's little gems

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