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    hard disk assignments

    I originally set up this PC with just Xandros 3 OC, on hda5. I then added some hardware to it from a Windows PC that died (I think it was the mobo on that PC), so now I have extra hard disks. There are 2 internal ones added (via PCI card), which are recognised in Xandros 3 as hde and hdf.

    I created a boot floppy incase of losing LILO on MBR. I then installed Windows XP for a few things, like accessing files on NTFS partitions. But it knocked out the LILO, so I restored that with the floppy boot disk.

    I then bought Xandros 4 Home Premium, and installed that. But it recognised the hard disks differently. Now hda was hde, and vice versa, also with hdb and hdf. So I installed Xandros 4 to where I wanted it, which was on another partition on the disk where X3 is installed. But now as it was listed as hde, I put Xandros 4 onto hde6 (which is called hda6 in X3).

    Xandros 4 installed fine and ran okay, I was impressed how it recognised hardware correctly and installed proper drivers for my printers, graphics card and Audigy sound card, which worked straight away as I was logging in with the usual startup sound.

    It created its own entry in the Xandros boot menu on LILO.

    I then quit X4 to reboot into X3, as I have not installed everything I want yet in X4 so I have to still use X3 for email. But now the entry for X3 in the LILO would not allow me to boot X3, I got a Kernal panic and some other error messages. So I had to use the boot floppy created earlier to boot into X3.

    So, my problem is this: how do I get the LILO to work with booting into X3 or X4 as I choose (bearing in mind that X3 sees itself on hda5 and X4 sees itself on hde6). I am guessing that the LILO is trying to load X3 from the wrong hard disk as X4 redesignated the hd_ bits.

    So after going back into Xandros 3 without any further problems, I then shut down and rebooted, and tried to go into Xandros 4 (as listed in the boot menu) but I got a kernel panic again. I am guessing that it is looking for Xandros 4 on hda6 but the Xandros installation thinks it is on hde6.

    Is there a way to edit the boot menu options and make sure that I can boot into either Xandros 3 or 4, or Windows?

    Or should I reinstall Xandros 4? In which case how do I get Xandros 4 to recognise the first hard disk (where I want to install it) as hda instead of hde?

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    Since the two systems seem to disagree on the hard
    drive numbers, it would be helpful to determine how the
    hardware is actually set up. Most motherboards have
    two IDE interfaces. The first one should have hda
    and hdb
    . The second one should be hdc and hdd

    If your pci controller card wants to give itself priority over
    the motherboard interfaces, you could always have a problem.
    Check the documentation on the card. Does it have a configuration
    utility that pops up at boot time?

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