I am using Kanotix (2006-01-RC4) and ran the following command (as part of a process to try an resolve a driver issue for WLAN card):
"su -c /usr/share/bcm43xx-fwcutter/install_bcm43xx_firmware.sh"
After running this, I no longer have a valid root password. I think the problem is that I ran the command as root (instead of "user_name", but not sure) which then locked out my access to some areas. I can open a console and type:
"su" then "my_root_passwd" and it switches me to root. But when I try to enter a configuration screen from the desktop, I get prompted for "my_root_passwd", and enter it, but response is "invalid". I am not familar enough YET with issuing complex instructions from the console (or, I suspect, I could resolve the problem). Can someone give me advice about how to fix this. I can't do much because my privileges are locked out on the desktop and I don't know how to do things from the console. Dumb noob situation... I know, but we all have to start somewhere. Thanks