Hello people.
This is somewhat of an ad for anyone that feel they want to help out with building a new linux distribution. I have a bootable cd that installs a system. It very rough and ive just begun on it. Why? Im tired of systems that are either bloated or to small. I want to do it my way. This system will maybe become more of a technolygy plattform in some sense because ill do stuff like not including libgif because there are othe image format i like better. This was a small example.. Another is i dont like dual booting so i will not include that option in the install. My opion is you should only use 1 os and not dual boot. So sometimes ill be wrong etc but i dont care.. this is my system and ill make it the way i want. It will be my vision of the future. for ex: im not using sysvinit. Atm im writing all the boot scripts for upstart.ubuntu.com
and thats working out nice. There is a bunch of other stuff. Read more at www.apokalyps.se

So if you feel like getting involved with me and work on this system email me at mazone@gmail.com
Im very commited at this project so i want ppl who feel the same about operating systems/art and so on. This will not be a big team. Just a small group of people making something really cool.