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Thread: DSL help

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    DSL help

    I want to boot form a USB with Damn Small Linux. How do I et EVERYTHING up to let me boot up DSL at start up?

    And explain to me about Syslinux too.

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    I would also like to know this, I tried downloading the embedded DSL and extracting that to my USB and then I downloaded Syslinux as well to execute a command..but the command didn't work (i forget which command but i just followed one that was posted in a tutorial) and so the USB didn't work at start-up either. How are you supposed to do it?

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    9/10 of the time u dont need to even touch Syslinux. At least in my Experience. So to get the Embeded version to work, re-extract the RAR to your flashdrive having Deleted Syslinux and current image, then execute the .BAT file in the main folder. This will launch it as a Guest OS to Windows.

    On to how to make it USB Bootable, U actualy have to be Inside the system to do it. So boot the Live CD in any old machine with a CD ROM Drive and a USB Port for your USB Flash Memory Device. backup anything on the Flashdrive as it will be Reformated. Then from the Desktop, Right click to open the context menu, Scroll to Applications, Install to USB. Then u will get a wonderful Wizard to make it work.

    Note about USb Booting, the Machine u are booting from MUST have USB/Removable Devices (if USB is listed use it, if not Removable Devices) Set IN FRONT OF your HDD in the BIOS Boot Order!!! Also make sure u remove the Live CD before usb booting or the CD may boot instead.

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