My friend is a complete computer illiterate who runs Windows XP. He isn't the ignorant kind, but computers just don't grab his attention (therefore he does not feel the need to migrate to a better OS, knowing full well how bad Windows is.)

He wants to get more out of his Xbox, and I suggested running Linux on it, having heard of it but not really looked into it as I do not own an Xbox myself.

He was pretty eager to start, so I went off to do my research so I could instruct him on what to do . Unfortunately, I was very disappointed when I did not once see anyone mention an input device other than the controller (although it would make a good mouse..) and a virtual keyboard. HOW CAN ANYONE USE THOSE THINGS?? I nearly killed myself trying to tap away at my iPAQ before I finally gave up and forked the $100000000000000000 it costs for a bluetooth keyboard (damn those keyboard manufacturing vultures, preying on victims of virtual keyboards).

So my question is, does Xbox have a PS2/USB port, and if so does Xebian come with the drivers and will it automatically detect and configure his keyboard (to save me the bother :P)?

Thankyou. You would be doing the Linux world a favour, by adding one more future bug tester , SO I CAN MIGRATE TO HAIKU MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! Nah, just kidding, but it looks like it'll be nice! (reading up on it now at http:/