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Thread: Astrolinux

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    Cool Astrolinux

    Hi, everyone!
    How's it going?

    Alright, so this is a pretty vague question... Has anyone heard of a live boot CD called Astrolinux? Its supposed to have loads of cool astronomical analysis type programs on it. Most notably, Iraf and Midas.
    Thing is, I want to get it, but I've only been able to find dodgy download sites so far. Nothing official, no option of purchase. I found one link that seemed semi decent, and tried that, but it turned out to be a disaster
    After 30 odd hours of dial-up downloading, my server reconnected and cut off the download. Bummer!
    I'm planning to try it on a broad-band machine in an internet cafe tomorrow, but wondering if its worth the pain...

    If you ever used it or have any comments, feel free to share

    Laters, guys!

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    Not sure they'll work, but try these links:

    ...or you could download one of the torrents that are available. Just do a Google search for "astrolinux torrent".

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    Talking It Worked!

    Thanks heaps, Ozar!

    I did it this morning, from the French site. Everything went perfect, I can now run it and all. It's so cool! Really, it's worth the hour of broad band download and all the effort...
    Thanks for answering- I appreciate it.

    And all other astronomers out there: get Astrolinux- make life easy!

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