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    Problem mounting tcltk-8.4.uci in damn small linux

    Alright so this is how it is. I just rebooted my computer I try to mount tcl/tk and I get a popup with this message
    please mount device with optional dir and try again.
    in the terminal part of emelfm it says the following
    /dev/cloop447 no such file or directory
    the reason it says 447 is because every time i click the "myDSL' button it goes up a number... I've clicked it alot. I need this fixed ASAP or else I can't run amsn.

    And while I'm here Is there a way to add an equivalent of the "myDSL" button in emelfm2?

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    Problem mounting tcltk-8.4.uci in damn small linux.
    I have a similar problem - n o matter how hard I try install tcltk-8.4.uci, it never "takes" and an info patchlevel returns 8.3.3.
    Phil Headford

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