Hi DSl guys,

happy new year.

i am new to this forum. but i have been tinkering with dsl for sometime now. and i love it.

i recently got a microclient jr pc from norhtec micro pc . it has a sis based processor. i attempted to boot it from usb pen drive embedded with dsl 3.1.

it does boot and run well. but i wanted to move on and put an IDE compact flash card inside it. the purpose is to do a frugal install on the CF with boot options and have persistent home and opt on a usb pen drive.

heres what i did.

1 - i booted of the same usb pen drive and went in to dsl 2 text mode. i first formatted the CF with primary bootable linux 83 type filesystem.

2 - rebooted

3 - ran frugal_lilo.sh with boot options.

4 - the files linux24 and minirt24.gz were not copied.
it said installation complete. but there was a
"fatal error cannot open /dev/sdb

5 - rebooted again

6 - booted back with usb pen drive in dsl 2 text mode

7 - copied the linux24 and minirt24.gz under boot.
checked the lilo.conf. i says boot partition is /dev/hdb1
which is the CF card. this seems correct.

8 - rebooted

9 - screen shows "GRUB hard disk error". it is stuck there.

what went wrong. what is the remedy for this.

thanks very much in advance.